Solar thermal systems with flat collectors ISE

Solar systems with flat collectors – competent decision to receive hot water in reasonable prices in seasonal period since the system works using solar energy. Solar systems of this type are indispensable in installations which are planned to support central heating and hot water supply, combining given solar systems with solid fuel or gas boilers.


Main components of solar systems with solar collectors ISE

Flat collectors are absorbers the task of which is maximum absorption of solar radiation energy to turn it into heat energy. The efficiency of flat collectors is 92-95%.

Absorbers are made of copper plate covered by high electoral absorbing layer.

Solar collector is isolated from heat losses with the help of mineral wool inside the body made of aluminum frame and zinc-coated plate metal in the bottom part of it.

There is protective glass in the top collector part of which is made of safe hard-tempered glass characterized by high stability to mechanical damage including hail and by maximum permeability for solar radiation.

Storage tank of solar system (buffer capacity), is a vertical heat exchanger with single or double coils (in case of additional boiler), through which fluid heated in solar collector transfer the heat to potable water. Tank allow accumulating a grate quantity of hot water during a period of intensive solar radiation for the next less sunny periods.

Cubic capacity of storage tank is from 100 up to 2000 liters. 

Pump group. Its main function is heat-transfer fluid circulation supply. It has elements necessary for correct and safe solar system work. Pump group includes circulation pump, rotameter, safety valve, manometer, aeroseparater, 2 thermometers, union coupling for diaphragm tank, valves for filling.



Solar system controller – is an electronic system, which offer a wide range of functionality. Such controller senses temperature differences between water leaving the solar collector and the water in the storage tank near the heat exchanger and regulates modification of settings that control the system, interaction with a backup electric or gas-driven water heater, calculation and logging of the saved energy, safety functions, remote access, and informative displays, such as temperature readings valium without prescription

Heat-transfer fluid – an antifreeze/water mix that typically uses non-toxic propylene glycol and other components that offer freeze and overheat protection as well.


The diaphragm tank is a tank with the internal rubber diaphragm. Its main function is to equalize the changes of thermal expandability of the heat-transfer fluid, and also to sustain the pressure of the heat-transfer liquid on a certain constant level.

The manually operated air purger with a sensor pocket is an essential component of the solar system, it contains a sensor pocket of the solar controller with an adjusting screw, and also a manually operated air purger.