Solar systems with evacuated tube solar collectors ISE.

Solar systems with evacuated tube solar collectors ISE are a wise solution to the problem of receiving hot water at an affordable price, as this system works on solar energy. Solar systems of this type are used in central heating and water supply installations, when these solar systems are combined with solid fuel or gas boilers. Solar systems with vacuum collectors are used in areas with low temperature weather conditions

 Colectores solares de tubos de vacío ISE

The main components of a solar system with evacuated tube solar collectors ISE

Evacuated tube solar collectors ISE are the most important component of the solar system.  The change of solar radiation into thermal energy, which is transferred by the heat-transfer fluid, takes place in the collectors. 

The storage container of the solar system (buffer tank) is a vertical heat-exchange unit for hot water, equipped with one or two condensers, or without them, designated for the solar system. The buffer tank used in the solar system package enables it to store a significant amount of hot water at intensive insolation for further less sunny days.

Buffer tanks for the solar system 300 l, 400 l, 500 l, 600 l, 800 l, 1000 l, 1500 l, 2000 l.

Pump group. The main function of the pumping group of the solar system is to provide circulation of the heat-transfer fluid, it also contains components needed for the proper and safe functioning of the solar system. The pumping group contains: a circulating pump, a flow meter, a safety valve, a steam gauge, an air separator, two thermometers, a union coupling for the diaphragm tank, filling valves.


The solar system controller is an electronic system, which regulates the work of the installation. This controller regulates the work of the pump in the pump group through the data received from the temperature sensors placed in the solar collector and the heater. The solar system controllers have the following functions: the prevention of water boiling in the tank, freeze protection, decontamination of the tank, sensing of the amount of energy generated in the collectors. 

The heat-transfer fluid for the solar system is a mixture of glycol and other components, whose freezing temperature is lower than that of ordinary water. The low freezing temperature ensures that the solar system will not be damaged at freezing temperatures of the environment.

The diaphragm tank is a tank with the internal rubber diaphragm. Its main function is to equalize the changes of thermal expandability of the heat-transfer fluid, and also to sustain the pressure of the heat-transfer liquid on a certain constant level buy alprazolam .

The manually operated air purger with a sensor pocket is an essential component of the solar system, it contains a sensor pocket of the solar controller with an adjusting screw, and also a manually operated air purger.