Flat solar collectors ISE  

Flat solar collectors are recommended for all seasonal networks working during the summer period. They showed great performance in installations of heating water in pools, installations for hot water in one-family houses, at camp sites or at summer camps.

A significant component of the solar collector is the absorber, whose function is to maximally absorb the energy of solar radiation in order to transform it to heat energy with minimal heat emission. The absorbers are made of copper sheets, coated with a highly selective absorptive layer. Flat solar collectors are isolated from thermal losses by glass wool, which is placed inside the carcass made of an aluminium frame, with the bottom part made of galvanized sheet metal. The upper part of the solar collector contains solar glass, which is made of tempered safety glass, which is highly bruise resistant, even to some types of hail, and also provides a maximum level of absorbability for solar radiation.

Flat solar collectors ISE    solar collectors

Flat solar collectors ISE are:

- A verified design, based on the use of the system of tubes in the "harp" form.

- A copper absorber coated with a highly selective ETA PLUS layer ensuring a 95% solar radiation absorption rate.

A high level of thermal conductivity between the absorber and the heat-transfer fluid due to the use of the technology of soldering copper tubes to the absorber.

The heat-transfer glass has a specific chemical composition, which provides high bruise resistance, at the same time keeping a maximum level of absorbability for solar radiation.

- Insulation is made of a thick layer of lithic mineral wool.

- The carcass of the solar collector is made of aluminium profile, to which the heat-transfer glass is attached.

Solar collectors ISE are free hot water in your house! 


- high optical efficacy

- proper hail resistance

- possibility for reversive cooling

 Correct use

- summer heating of the pool

- seasonal systems for the summer period

- additional heating of service hot water at low insulation in winter.